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I Support Farmers’ Markets on Facebook

There are 5274 local Farmers Markets in the US. There are only 4100 Walmarts. Farmers Markets and local Farming help regions be self sufficient and promote safe food. Farmers Markets provide more Organic Choice and CSA.  Join & share this.

I Support Farmers' Markets on Facebook

This is from the Facebook group page I Support Farmers’ Markets.  If you’re already on Facebook you know you’ll receive great information from your group pages regular on your wall.  I get little nuggets about farmers’ markets around the world, as well as general information about trends, legislation – you name it – having to do with farmers’ markets.  You can find I Support Farmers’ Market at   In addition to this group page, search to see if your local markets have Facebook pages you can join.  My market pages Facebook about what’s available at the upcoming market and it makes my mouth just WATER thinking about the offerings.

If you’re not on Facebook, I’m not gonna tell you to sigh up just to join this group.  That’s a personal decision and there are reasons for joining, as well as not joining.  I would, however, encourage you to learn more about the markets in your own area and find ways to encourage neighbors, friends, co-workers to visit them. 

The very best way to do that, of course, is to make farmers’ market foods and use the value-added products.  Share them with friends and when they ask where those juicy strawberries or tasty arugula comes from – don’t just say “the farmers’ market.”  Say “Come with me to the XYX Farmers’ Market next Saturday.”  Enthusiasm is contagious.  Your friends will thank you when they experience all that farmers’ markets have to offer.

 Even though farmers’ markets are by definition local, devotees have lots of ways available to knit themselves together into a confederation of supporters around the world.  Social media is just one of those ways – albeit a very effective one.


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